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Babywearing instruction

Hi! I am a certified babywearing instructor (credentialed by Babywearing International). I can help you learn to wear your child on the front, back, or side of your body. I can introduce you to many different styles of carriers, help you choose what style/size/brand/material suits your body and your child's stage of development best. I can also help you get more comfortable and confident with a carrier that you already have. Reach out to schedule an appointment in person or online. 


Learn the ABC's

I can teach you the ABC's of safe babywearing - Airway, Body position, and Comfort! Safety is the first topic I cover.  These concepts apply to all styles of carriers - soft-structured carriers, ring slings, woven wraps, stretchy wraps, and Asian-style carriers such as onbuhimo and meh dai.

all ages & stages

There are SO many different styles, brands, materials, and ways to wear your child! Let me help you find what works for your body, your child, other caregivers in your circle, and your budget. Babywearing needs change as children develop, and I can help you understand the possibilities. Babywearing is an important skill to learn to soothe your child as well as allow you to be hands-free while you go about your day.


Soothe & simplify

Send me a message to schedule an appointment! I teach in my classroom in the Bywater, or I can meet you outdoors in a park.  I charge $40 for a one-hour lesson, and afterward you can message me as needed for periodic fit checks to support your progress. 

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